Pohutukawa Honey

• Our second most popular honey
• 100% Natural from New Zealand

Pohutukawa Honey may be able to assist with dysentery and function as a remedy for coughs and colds.

It works great with your morning wellness routines, as a natural energy source, sweetener for your tea or coffee, as well as a fantastic DIY facemask. Our Pohutukawa Honey is smooth, velvety and creamy, discover it's delicious taste for yourself! 

Our second most popular honey harvested from New Zealand 'Christmas Tree'. Our busy bees gather it's nectar to create a delicious honey with a wonderful creamy texture and a delicate, lightly floral and sweet taste that is certain to captivate your tastebuds.

A busy bee on a Pohutukawa tree is the perfect image of a New Zealand Christmas!

Best consumed by the spoonful straight from the jar, or added to warm drinks.

It's equally indulgent when added to your favourite culinary delights.